Music Is Life.

Music Is Life.

That's why we need to listen.

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This site is dedicated to fellow music fanatics.  Together we explore meaningful rock music that inspires us to face our darkness and shine our light.
    Ari Portrait by Amy Colleen

What Do You REALLY Want?

I thought I knew it, but I’m learning this lesson over and over again. It’s important to know, to be crystal clear about what you really want. But that’s not to say that you want to be specific with what you want to make happen in your life.  Saying “I want …

Lyrics Video: Minnasia “PK”

So I tried my amateur filmmaking hand in making this video.  I had one day in the summer of 2015 when I was home alone and I placed this Japanese doll (I think it’s a boy despite his long hair) around the house and shot videos.  The first time around …