Music Is Life.

Music Is Life.

That's why we need to listen.

Welcome, Friend!

I’m a rock songwriter, guitarist and YouTuber.  Songs are like my closest friends who are there for me in times of need.  Maybe they can be your friends, too.

Ari Portrait by Amy Colleen


Music Commentary
As a music fanatic, it means a great deal when a song speaks to me.  Good songs are like air and food to me, I need a steady supply of them to fuel my life....
For Musicians
Music is a challenging pursuit, so I enjoy sharing lessons learned with my fellow musicians.  Particularly, I have something to say about songwriting and guitars, but I sometimes touch on arranging, singing, recording production and music...
Life Insights
I’m constantly on the lookout for deeper meaning and understanding of life, with a particular focus on psychology and mental health.  I’m forever a student of life, and they say the best way to learn...

Shedding Fear

A couple of weeks back, I got sick for a few days, which was followed by a few days of depression. Apparently I was processing something, because when that lifted I felt different, changed. Before, I did many things out of fear.  Posting on SNS was one example. I was …

Passion Project

Some people go a great length to create meaning. Some run a marathon. Some write a novel. I once met a man who swam laps daily, and was counting the distance. His goal? The circumference of earth. Yes, he worked on it for years. I was listening to my next …