I am a rock songwriter writing about brokenness and hope.

Songs can be so powerful when words and music come together to wholly express our inner pain and struggles while offering compassion, wisdom and hope. It is my mission to find, make, and spread music that help us stare at our darkness.


The places where you can find me:

  • BlackbirdsFly.com: Music Inspires Change (personal development + rock music)
  • ImpactfulSongs.com: The Art of Moving Your Audience through Songwriting
  • Minnasia.com: Exploratory Songsmiths in Search of Healing Catharsis (my prog rock collaboration with singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang)


  • YouTube: You can find my series on songwriting and impactful songs.
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • ThoughtfulGuitarist.com: for guitarists — mostly guitar pedal reviews.  Currently on a back burner as I’m focusing my efforts elsewhere (I still play my guitar daily, just not writing about it as much)

You can also find out what I’m currently working on.

This page was updated in January, 2016.