Welcome. My name is Ari Koinuma and I am a rock songwriter making “music as medicine to your soul.”

Rock music helped me through my rough times, so I focus on making my music the expression of life energy we need to pull us through dark moments.  I am not talking about some cheesy “life is good” kind of message — rather, I focus on depicting a soul in pain, with the aim to offer connection and solidarity to those who struggle.

My main act is called Minnasia, and it’s my collaboration with singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang in which we create progressive modern rock sound with classical influence.  

I also blog and have these sites:

  • For music fans: BlackbirdsFly.com – Rock Music as Medicine to Your Soul.  Writing about meaningful songs by other rock acts such as Toad the Wet Sprocket, King’s X and Cloud Cult.
  • For musicians: ImpactfulSongs.com: The Art of Moving Your Audience.  How to make music with intention to touch audience deeply.
  • For guitarists: ThoughtfulGuitarist.com Guitar pedal reviews

You can also find out what I’m currently working on.

This page was updated in March, 2016.