Ari Koinuma Portrait by Amy ColleenMy name is Ari Koinuma (pronounced ko-ee-noo-ma), a Japanese-born, Minnesota-based songwriter, guitarist, and blogger.

I appreciate your interest in me.  Here are the most important bits that I’d love for you to know.

  • My primary mission is to write songs that say “I’m with you” to those who are struggling with inner pain.
    • My style is to develop long (7 – 10 minutes) progressive rock songs with careful attention to how lyrics and music work together to create cathartic experience.
    • My main activity is to write and record these songs with Minnasia (currently a duo with singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang) or Aristotle’s Hope (my solo project)
  • My secondary mission is to share my honest, personal and vulnerable thoughts through blogging and videos in hopes that you can relate and/or gain useful insights.
  • My aspiration is to build a community around our shared passion for music and life.
    • I hope to create a safe place where I, and every other member, feel safe to let down our guards and discuss important and vulnerable issues.
  • My other aspiration is to become a successful community-supported musician and leverage my experience to empower other musicians to create impactful music and pursue authentic artistic career.


I was born in Tokyo but I lived in São Paulo from age 12-18, then came to USA to attend St. Olaf College.  Married a fellow Ole and lived in Austin, Texas for 10 years.  Now I live in St. Paul, Minnesota with my wife and two kids.

Photography: Amy Colleen