Ari’s Music

You can listen to and read about my music here.  Making new songs is the most fulfilling activity in my life.  I intend never to go long periods without engaging in musicmaking.

I am currently engaged in two music projects, Minnasia and Aristotle’s Hope.  Both are progressive rock music.  Minnasia is my collaboration with the singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang and incorporates classical music.  Aristotle’s Hope is my solo project (I used to call it Aries9) and tends to be more indulgent on guitars.  But they are more of a continuum, there is no clear line that separates the two.

There are other songs that don’t fit the above molds, but are still worthwhile songs.  I hope to collect them all here eventually and tell you about them.  For now, here’s a playlist of all my original songs on SoundCloud.