Aristotle’s Hope

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
– Aristotle

Aristotle’s Hope is the ID of my solo project, which I’d currently describe as “guitar-drive impressionist rock.”  In 2007 I released one solo album under the name “Aries9” and as I considered picking up that thread, I felt I needed a new identity and this one really stuck with me.

I think it’s easy to feel jaded and cynical, especially as one gets older and experiences more in life.  You get your heart broken a number of times, your childhood dreams and naiveté get washed away.  I imagine it’s worse for someone really smart, as they can think of more reasons not to be hopeful.  So I thought, what if someone like Aristotle was to hang on to his hope — hope for his life, hope for a better future, hope for the world.  What will it take?

As with Minnasia, the main driver for the music remains the same — staring squarely at our darkness without losing hope.  Stylistically though, I’m hoping to steer Minnasia into more progressive and classically influenced style.  So Aristotle’s Hope is going to be more conventional guitar-driven rock.  But lyrically it’s still my voice, so expect a lot of longing,  yearning and angst-ing, with stories that don’t really explain themselves and words splashed about here and there for how they sound.

In 2016 I am releasing a series of singles and quick demos, the intention is to establish a steady pace of production.  So that in-between all my blogging and social outreach, I remain focused on my essence — an artist, a songwriter.  This page will be updated with each new recording.

So please have a listen, and check back later to see what is new!