What I Intend for 2017 (Part 1)

I’ve been moving away from the established notion of new year resolutions.  In the recent years I wrote documents called “annual visions” but this year I’m going to use the word intention.

To me, a resolution is something you enforce through willpower.  A vision describes what you desire to see, experience or create.  An intention is a decision to take actions, but not as rigidly as a plan.  An intention feels both more concrete yet freer.  I’m open to different possibilities of how an intention is realized.  I’m not committed to a plan or a process.  I intend this year to create certain experiences.

The first thing I intend to do is to spend the first week or two reflecting on my intensions, to do the best I can to align my deepest desires to realizable intentions.

Just this morning I had a realization that what I was focusing on was a smaller part of a bigger, deeper intention.  Specifically, I was focusing on the idea of growing my audience, but the major motivation behind that desire was to feel blessed and even wanted to spend more time making music.  I enjoy the experience of learning that my music resonated with someone, of course, I’d say it’s integral to my creative pursuit.  But beneath it lies a deeper desire to experience the feeling that I, the people around me, the world around me, and the divine community (as in God and his angels) all unite in our shared desire to have me spend time making music.  Where everything and everyone conspires together to help me make music by providing time and resources and assisting me develop skills and knowledge.  Of which, the time is the foremost one in my mind because that’s where I feel most blocked/challenged.

That’s a pretty powerful realization, and one that affects my outlook for the year.   I can’t rush to produce a list of intentions because it’s important to fully consider and integrate the new awareness first.  So I am going to spend the next few days to refine my intentions.  I will report back with more on this.




  1. I’m completely with you about an intention having a purpose while being less constrictive. Resolutions place me in a finite box and I become weighed down by its constriction.

    I told a couple of friends that I actually made a resolution this year (I stopped making them years ago) and while reading your entry for today that I actually made an intention and that resonates more with me than any resdolution could.

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