What Do You Want from Me?

I’m on a quest.  I am on a quest to spend as much time as I can making music.  But I don’t want to win a lottery and then churn out songs in a closet for nothing but my own enjoyment.

I also enjoy thinking, writing, figuring things out, and sharing what I learn.  I love coaching, mentoring, and any deep discussions.  And the feeling of being appreciated is perhaps the strongest drug to my heart.  I feel what others feel so a feeling of gratitude and appreciation is like a double shot of cappuccino.  (I hope that’s an apt analogy, I don’t know — I’m not much of a coffee drinker)

I’m an introvert, I revel in and get energized by solitude.  But I also love my people.  I don’t make friends fast but I am fiercely loyal to those I consider friends.

If you read my blog, watch my videos, or listen to my music regularly, then we’re friends.  I put a lot of me into these things.  So if you like them, you’ll probably like me in person.  And I, you, in return since I touch on things that are important to me, and we have that as our common ground.

So I ask you, my friend.  What do you want from me?  

Are there any topics you want me to consider, any music you want me to listen to and analyze?  Or do you want to Skype me for a lesson on something — songwriting, guitar, or how to figure out meaning of life?  How about someone to listen to you talk about your challenges?

I have my ideas on where I’m going, but this is a collaboration between me and my friends.  So I’d like for us to find a happy middle where I’m hitting the sweet spot for both of us.

So — let me know.  Thanks!