On a Mission to Spread Impactful Music, Continued

The idea that music being a powerful thing isn’t new, yet I feel like we (as in we modern humans) still don’t fully see it that way.  Tucked in the “entertainment” industry, we see musicians as this attention-seeking, self-serving children, out to win the popularity game.

I want to make it clear that I see absolutely nothing wrong with entertainment.  When I want to be entertained, I play games on my computer or devices, and I appreciate those who create good entertainment.  But the experience I seek with music goes deeper than catchy choruses and aural distractions.  Some music hits me so deep, it feels like I’m getting refueled.  It charges and recharges me.  It can transform mind-numbing chores into an event to look forward to.

I’m fascinated by the idea of impactful music.  Music that’s meant to convey strong emotions.  Film composers wield this power, they know how to use music to create moods and stir emotions.  Some of it comes across as cliché and manipulative but nevertheless it’s a must-have element in most films.  Music makes stories believable and relatable.

When you incorporate that art and science of emotional music-making into songs, that’s where impactful music happens.  My favorite are when words and music come together to paint a picture that I can relate to.  Sometimes songs are so wise they make me realize things I didn’t know about myself or life.  Great songs are like my best friends, and I turn to them when I need help.

When I write songs, I try to capture something real and authentic, because that’s what it takes to create something relatable.  They are not just sonic experiments and closet indulgences — it’s something I do to share with other people.

When I’m not talking about my own music (and I’m the first one to admit that musician talking about their own music is rather self-absorbed and can be quite boring) I want to talk about other artists who are making impactful music.  If you’ve had the experience of recommending music to someone else and that person ending up liking it, you know the thrill and elation of being a music connector.  It’s a win-win all around, and a great service and contribution.

So, I’m in the business of making and spreading impactful music.  I’ll share with you what I make, and tell you about other people’s awesome music.  And if any of it creates a meaningful experience to you, then that makes me happy, too.

This is my mission.  I lose track of it sometimes but when I think about it, this is the reason why I get out of bed.

And I’m grateful to have a mission, to have a reason to live for.