Emotions Are Like Muscles

If you watched the movie Inside Out you’d notice that of the basic emotions inside your psyche, there was always one emotion that seemed to be the leader. I learned that this is based on real studies. Each of us has our most dominant, or favorite, emotion. 

My leader of the pack is the Sadness. It feels strange saying this, but I love feeling sad. I’m drawn to sad experiences. Melancholy, poignance, and longing feel delicious to me, and I gladly sit and wallow in those feelings. This sounds contradictory but when I allow myself to freely feel those, I feel “happier” (not the emotion of happiness but overall level of peace and well-being in life).

Just as you have the dominant, emotion, we also have weak emotions. Emotions are like muscles. If you aren’t used to feeling them your ability to feel them gets weak. 

If you are hit with feelings that you aren’t able to feel very well, what happens is that you tuck it away. Feelings can be like a bag of sand that you need to scoop out, and your ability to feel is the size of the cup. If your cup is small, it can take a long time. Scooping all of it out is the only way to be done with your bag.  Otherwise it’ll sit inside your subconscious, or goes deeper — into your physical body. And it never goes away, no matter how long it sits there. In fact, it gets worse. The feeling you’re avoiding to feel, your ability to feel it gets weaker, and when you encounter more of it you add to the bag instead of scooping it out.  The bag sinks deeper and deeper in your body, festering. Eventually it turns into a disease, or dis-ease.

I am weak in anger and happiness. I put tabs on those feelings, have a habit not to feel them fully.

I believe that the power of music as a mood setter, or emotion inducer, still isn’t explored fully. We use music for workout and special occasions, but we can be even more intentional to use it to guide our emotions. We can use it first to help us feel what we need to feel. Then we have it help us feel what we want to feel.

What about you? What are your strong and weak emotions? What music or songs help you feel strongly? I’d love to know. 

On a walk, enjoying the melancholy.