Random Acts of Kindness

This is not something that happens everyday.

Last night around 10pm I went downstairs to the basement, thinking about practicing my songs there because it was late and I have neighbors upstairs. As I sat down to play, I kept hearing noises outside the window. It kept going intermittently over a few minutes so I finally stopped to look outside, and saw a quick moving figure. It was a bunny! It fell down the recessed window and got trapped.

So I put on some gloves, opened the window and gently grabbed what turned out to be a baby bunny. It did not resist getting caught, and it did not wiggle a lot as I quickly took it outside to release.

The room I was in was the spare room, it’s not often that I, or anybody would be in there during those hours. It would probably survive for a day or two without food or water but it would have starved there sooner than later. I felt grateful that I happened to be there and was able to rescue the little life. I hope it went back to its mother.

Now, you know me, I have to tie these things to other things in life. That bunny got stuck there on its own. It was his/her mistake. It did not call for help, it did not offer anything in return for help. I found it trapped, I helped because I wanted to. I was not expecting anything in return.

Many of us feel that we have to earn love, kindness, human connection. So much so that when it’s offered for free, without having to earn it or to repay it, we’d get skeptic. We may even refuse, feeling uncomfortable about receiving something we don’t deserve.

But if you were stuck in a hole and a complete stranger offered help, you will take it, won’t you? Will you still be able to accept it, knowing you didn’t “deserve” it? We couldn’t help but rely on it when we were babies — where along the lines did we learn that we had to earn love and kindness?

A baby bunny I caught in my basement