Lyrics Video: Minnasia “PK”

So I tried my amateur filmmaking hand in making this video.  I had one day in the summer of 2015 when I was home alone and I placed this Japanese doll (I think it’s a boy despite his long hair) around the house and shot videos.  The first time around …

Song Reflections: Princess Mononoke Theme Song (English Version)

Complaining can be immature and ugly, which I don’t disagree.  But we Japanese always consider it a virtue, to never complain and hold our sufferings inside.  And that suffering will remain with you, it festers and grows, until it turns something very attached, and uglier.

This song is about that loneliness of being the person carrying a dark secret.  The person who smiles on the outside when inside s/he is crying.

Locked away in the forest of the night
Your secret heart belongs to the world
Of the things that sigh in the dark
Of the things that cry in the dark