King’s X “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska” Review

The veteran rock trio King’s X has 12 studio albums to its name in its long and distinguished career. But when you talk to long-time fans, the chances are they’ll cite Gretchen Goes to Nebraska as their favorite.  Their debut, Out of the Silent Planet, was already a stellar effort, but building …

King’s X “If” and Being Too Attached to Your Ideal

If you enjoy rock music and care about self improvement, you have to listen to King’s X.  This veteran rock trio has been churning out insightful, spiritual songs since the 80s.  Their first four albums have a particular, mystical sound that has aged amazingly well, but their output after that …

Song Reflections: King’s X “A Box”

Who wouldn’t relate to the idea of “Revolution number 19/ Brand new wave of anger?”

I’ve been there — feeling really stuck, really confined in a box smaller than me, wanting to break out, wanting to break free.

For those of us living in developed societies, we’d like to think that we’re making life better, with each generation making things better.  But we still have a lot to learn about what it’s like to live as whole human beings.  So many institutions, from jobs to schools, give us small boxes for us to fit neatly into.  Being told to do same things everyday — just playing our little parts.  We have so much more to offer, yet that’s not that they want.  They want us to reduce ourselves to something smaller, so it’s easy to fit us into little corners.

It’s not that we have to be asked, either.  We don’t know how to be anything else.  The desire is there, but not how.  So we bang our head against the walls in frustration, knowing that we are bigger, and wanting to be, but without knowing what that really means.

Then we just do what we can — just learn to live with it, live in the box with our longing, knowing that there is no room inside a box.