Music Is Life.

Music Is Life.

That's why we need to listen.

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This site is dedicated to fellow music fanatics.  Together we explore meaningful rock music that inspires us to face our darkness and shine our light.
    Ari Portrait by Amy Colleen

Oceansize: Everyone into Position

This album was a pleasant surprise to me, in that I found it on some bargain bin at some electronic music site that I temporarily joined to check out, and downloaded the album after a few listens, never having heard about the band.  And after that, I listened to it …

Tool “Jambi” from 10,000 Days

Life is a pursuit.  We chase after things all our life, digging deeper and deeper. But if you’re gonna keep digging for your whole life, you better pick a treasure buried deeply enough.  A shallow well dries up faster, it seems.  The easier it is to get to it, the …