Music Is Life.

Music Is Life.

That's why we need to listen.

Welcome, Friend!

I explore an unconventional mix of rock music, guitars, personal development/self improvement, and mental health.  I invite you to come with me on my journeys, so I can share what I learn.

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Music Commentary
As a music fanatic, it means a great deal when a song speaks to me.  Good songs are like air and food to me, I need a steady supply of them to fuel my life....
Life Insights
I'm constantly on the lookout for deeper meaning and understanding of life, with a particular focus on psychology and mental health.  I'm forever a student of life, and they say the best way to learn...
For Musicians
Music is a challenging pursuit, so I enjoy sharing lessons learned with my fellow musicians.  Particularly, I have something to say about songwriting and guitars, but I sometimes touch on arranging, singing, recording production and music...

Why Singing Along Is Good for Your Soul

When I was in a choir in college, my conductor told us that singing is the most holistic of musical activities. I believe that.  Singing utilizes one instrument built into our physical body to express ourselves, build harmony and create engaging experiences.  Singing is a barometer of your energy level.  If …

Looking for My Song to Sing (3 Key Questions in Any Pursuits)

I’m doing vocals for the song I’m working on.  Vocals are always a bit of struggle for me.  I love to sing but what I hear in my head and what comes out are two different things. Vocal is one example of where the concept of “discovering who you are …