Music Is Life.

Music Is Life.

That's why we need to listen.

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This site is dedicated to fellow music fanatics.  Together we explore meaningful rock music that inspires us to face our darkness and shine our light.
    Ari Portrait by Amy Colleen

Not anti. Pro.

From “Japan’s government has long battled to contain the country’s alarmingly high suicide rate. A total of 32,155 people killed themselves in 2006, giving the country the ninth highest rate in the world, according to the government. Suicides first passed the 30,000 mark in 1998, near the height of …

Timelessness from Timeliness

I’ve been going through some old CDs, and I’ve gotten rid of quite a few. But I came across one album that surprised me. It’s The Alarm‘s Eye of the Hurricane. The Alarm, for those of you not old enough, was a British band from 80’s that were colleagues of …

Beneath the surface

Some of us are better than others. In concealing what’s inside. Some days I feel that I must be so good at it. I have this inpenetratable surface — hard and shiny, slick and never-changing — that clearly states to the world “I’m fine and dandy, the same as yesterday.”