Ari’s Music

I have two music projects, Minnasia and Aristotle’s Hope.  Both are progressive rock music.  Minnasia is my collaboration with the singer Voua ‘Bob’ Yang and incorporates classical music.  Aristotle’s Hope is my solo project (I used to call it Aries9) and more guitar-driven.  But they both share my signature songwriting style such as:

  • Unusual (for rock music) chords/harmony
  • Songs that deviate from the traditional verse-chorus pattern
  • Impressionistic and introspective lyrics

Individual song pages are under construction.  For now please check out my most recent songs below.



Full Discography

Minnasia Eleanor Rigby 2017


Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)

Lead vocals: Voua ‘Bob’ Yang

Written by Lennon & McCartney

Photo: Gilbert Tremblay

She Straightened Her Veil over Her Face 2017

Aristotle’s Hope

She Straightened Her Veil over Her Face

Photo: Foxiq

Can You Love a Landmine? 2016

Aristotle’s Hope

Can You Love a Landmine?


Photo: Omar Franco “Lonely Ant”

 If I Miss the Deadline 2016

Aristotle’s Hope

If I Miss the Deadline

Photo: Angel Norris “Light Outside”

 Everything to Your Cause 2014


Everything to Your Cause

  1. PK
  2. Arms Lost
  3. Half Step
  4. Raid
  5. Web

Cello: Daniel Zamzow

Lead Vocals: Voua ‘Bob’ Yang

Mastering: Greg Rierson

Photo: Billy Frank Alexander “Black Plastic”

 Promised Land 2013


Promised Land

  1. Sister
  2. Sun
  3. River
  4. Promised Land

Written originally in Hmong by Voua ‘Bob’ Yang
English lyrics: Ari Koinuma

Produced, arranged & mixed by Ari Koinuma
Mastered by Greg Reierson @ Rare Form Mastering

Band recording engineered by Eric Blomquist @ Waterbury Studios, Minneapolis, MN
Vocal & guitar engineered by Ari Koinuma

Voua ‘Bob’ Yang: vocal
Tetsuya Takeno: drums & percussion
Aaron Fabrini: bass
Daniel Zamzow: cello
Melissa Stoudt: flute
Ari Koinuma: acoustic guitar

Photo: Judd Sather @ Studio J Photo, Stillwater, MN

Bleeding Redwood 2012


Bleeding Redwood

Lead vocals: Voua ‘Bob’ Yang

Bass: Adam Lutz

Photo: Julia Freeman-Woolpart “Red Faced Ghoul”

The Must-Save List  2012


The Must-Save List

(This is “Lucy Struck Out” from Darkness Reveals the Beauty of Truth with Bob Yang re-recording lead vocals)

Lead Vocals: Voua ‘Bob’ Yang

Photo: Createsima

Darkness Reveals the Beauty of Truth 2007

Aries9 (Ari’s solo project before he changed the name to Aristotle’s Hope)

Darkness Reveals the Beauty of Truth

  1. Shark
  2. Diamond Sleeps Tonight
  3. Tiny Toon
  4. Empire
  5. Half Step
  6. Cult
  7. Lunar Ascent
  8. Throwing Away the Key (at the Gate)
  9. Outcast Probe
  10. Lucy Struck

Mastering: Ty Tabor, Alien Beans