Answer Your Calling

I believe each of us has at least one “calling.”

Now, there may be just one calling, but there are two problems.

  1. Finding it, and
  2. Pursuing it.

Each problem presents a formidable challenge. Courage to seek and explore, courage to take a leap….

I don’t have any magic formula for helping you find it and then to pursue it.

But this may help.

To know what it’s like.

When you answer your calling, it’ll feel exhilarating. Very scary, too, but somehow energizing. It is difficult. It will knock your socks off. You will not get it easily. Yet, instead of frustrating you, it’ll stir up your fire. It’ll grow stronger.

When you answer your calling, you’ll feel alive, like no other moment in your life. You feel giddy with excitement. You won’t be able to sit still. You won’t be able to contain yourself — you’ll want to tell everyone about it. You won’t care if others don’t listen or don’t care. That won’t matter to you. The point is that you have a cup, and now it’s overflowing. You’ll have so much life, you’ll feel abundant.

A strange thing will happen. You wonder how you can justify being so selfish. After all, you’re pursuing something you are interested in. You, yourself, alone, nobody else. People may not be asking you to do it — in fact, they may ask you not to do it. To consider other people’s needs. How dare you, put your own desires higher than others. If you are a good person, you should sacrifice your needs, for the sake of others.

If you hear these voices, remember this point: a calling cannot be a calling, if the only need you satisfy is yours. Even if it seems like the most selfish thing, your pursuing it will somehow miraculously benefit others. Maybe not everyone and maybe not the people you’d like to benefit. But there will be people. And there will probably more than you may expect.

It’s because when you answer your calling, you are being the very best version of yourself. You are realizing your potential as a person. And being in a presence of someone who is in that state can cause tremendously positive influence on anyone who can feel your vibe.

There is a very distinct difference between being selfish and answering your calling. Selfish pursuits will not have this positive impact on those around you. Such an act will not sustain itself for long. You may continue to pursue it, but sooner or later you realize that you are not really having all that fun.

Answering a calling means you are meeting the world’s needs, through meeting your own. Everyone wins. And when you are in that state, you will know. The joy and the energy you’ll receive from those who are benefiting from your pursuit will feel different from anything else in life. It’ll affirm you. It’ll energize you. It’ll feed you. To keep going.

Remember, even if you are doing something “good” — if you feel drained, burned out, or tired — that is not your calling. The best thing you can do is to quit and try something else. At the very least, start looking. (That said, too much of any good thing can still kill you — a need to rest is not the same as getting burned out)

Your needs, and the world’s needs, can be met by a single act. This is the single best thing you can do in your life, and for the universe.

Please. Please. Please.

Will you do it?