Indecisive? The Hidden Truth That Makes Deciding Easier (Digest)

Note: This is a digest version of a longer essay on decision-making.  If you agree with the points made here, read the original to understand all the whys and hows.

Decisions can be pretty stressful. Some folks fear it so much, they hate choosing.

Where does this fear come from, and what can you do about it?

Fear of decision comes from two sources:

  1. you, and
  2. someone/something other than you.

But if you think you’re afraid of choosing because of someone other than yourself, then that belief is incorrect.  You are afraid because you base your self-worth on your realtionship with that someone.  You fear that making a wrong choice will impact that relationship negatively, and that will in return hurt you.

This is not a fear of decision.  This is a fear produced by having your self-worth placed in a wrong place. You alone are the one who is producing this fear.   Correct this, and you will see that that someone’s disapproval will not affect you.

Now, even with external sources removed, you yourself learn to fear decisions, if you have made wrong choices in the past that produced painful results.  But you have the power to make all choices right.  Even mistakes and failures can be agents of learning and positive growth.  Some choices are easier to be made right than others, but nevertheless, this truth remains. The matter at hand does not rest as much on which option you choose, but more on what you do with your decision to make it right.

If this is so, then what is to be made of the decision-making process?

It’s simple.  Engage in a decision-making process that suit your values and make you feel good about how you made the decision.

Avani Mehta’s excellent primer on decision-making can get you started on figuring out what decision-making method suits you.  Figure it out, and apply to every decision.

To sum up, here is how you ought to approach every decision-making: make a reasonable choice using a process you feel good about, then make that choice right.

Live and apply this paradigm, and you will fear decisions no more.