Miscellany: Time Off, rssHugger, June 2008 Recap

I’m going to take a break from the usual format to log tid bits in my personal walk.

  • I’m going on a mini-vacation, starting tomorrow until Sunday. It’s time for break! In the past 6 weeks I started this blog and got into the groove for writing. My focus and style is still developing, but it’s a good time to take a break and reflect.
  • I joined Twitter and StumbleUpon. Look me up and hook up with me!
  • I submitted OBV to rssHugger.com. This is a RSS directory, kinda like StumbleUpon for RSS. It’s started by Colin Lahey, who also does MixedMarketArts (online marketing blog) and WordHugger.com. Of which, I find wordHugger rather interesting — a simple idea about buying “a word” and creating a page on it. Cool idea for a landing page that’ll attract search engine traffic. rssHugger feels like very old days of search engine/directory like Yahoo. I wished if the search would let me launch a text search, instead of just browsing through a directory. That said, if you own a blog, I’d say get listed — it’s still in its infancy and getting in early on some of these sites may prove beneficial down the road. It’s free when you post your review of the site.
  • I now have 31 posts, with average of 1120 words. 19 posts in June, which is 1 short of my new goal of 20 posts per month. I didn’t set that goal until a few days into the month, though, so it’s OK.
  • I think I’m going to focus on big and deep stuff, and stay away from tips and techniques, like “how to get up early” or “10 ways to ace your job interview.” I know those posts are popular, but everybody’s doing it, plus, my heart is not in it. What compels me to write? Big stuff. Like discussing sociological and anthropological issues in Realizing Your Potential in a Society Not Built for It (my most popular post so far) and telling personal stories and drawing lessons out of it, like How I Found My Soulmate.

I’m excited about what July has to offer!  Much growth, more revelations and abundant joy, I hope.  🙂