Path over Destination: A Little Known Secret to Satisfying Life (Digest)

Note: This is a digest version of the original entry on Path over Destination.

If you choose careers and vocations, or even projects based on the benefits and destinations, you’re sure to have an unenjoyable life.

Because life is what happens when you’re on the way.

Instead, choose based on how enjoyable the process is. Because that’s where you’ll spend most of your life.

And by doing so, you ensure that you have a satisfying life. Why? Because what you’re doing right now is bringing you joy and satisfaction. No need to wait until your time off.  No need to wait for the fruits of your labor. The labor itself is your fruit.

Destination, goals, objectives. They are simply milestones to aim for, so that you have a reason to get on the path. Benefits and profits are secondary outcomes, the positive side effects. They are nice additions, but not essential.

Life is the path itself. Enjoy being on the way.

And you unlock the key to a satisfying life.


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  2. I love the way you put that Ari – choose what you do based on the process because that’s where you spend most of you time. That so makes since. I’m going to remember that. Wow, that just makes so much sense! We really will not be fulfilled doing it any other way.
    (Thanks for providing the digest version. I like that.)

    Jennifer’s last blog post..A Simple Formula with a Huge Life Impact

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your kind comment! I’m glad you like the digest version, too. 😉 I know I’m hopelessly long-winded…. and a lot of times, messages have more impact when it’s put in concise, succinct way. So I decided to deliver some of my posts with both ideals. On the long post, I just let it all spew out, and then I cut off all the fat and serve the lean version. 😉

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Hey Ari, I read the post about you at I just made some comments on that post as well. Anyway, it’s great to see another up and coming blogger. Your blog is great, very inspirational and well written. I just started my blog about a month ago and have really enjoyed the writing along with the community aspect. I look at the “big hitters” like Darren at and Leo at and hope that one day my blog can bring such a consistent, daily rush of readers. I’ve definitely realized that being passionate about what you’re writing and truly caring about your readers is one of the keys to being a successful blogger. It seems that you have got this down so I expect to see you rising quickly amongst the other bloggers in your niche. It will be interesting to see where both of us are in 6 months/1 year in regards to the reach of our blogs. I hope the best for you and your blog. I’ll be around to check out your latest posts. Feel free to drop by and leave me a comment any time. Eric.

    1. Hey Eric,

      Welcome to OBV, and thanks for your kind words! I’ve been really enjoying working on this blog. When I’m writing about something I believe in, I have so much fun that time flies. On the other hand, I’m consciously trying not to think too hard on the business end — that’s really fun, too, don’t get me wrong — but I tend to get ahead of myself, and then get frustrated that the progress in reality is not as fast as that in my imagination. But nothing is, really.

      I am not sure if I’ll rise quickly. My topic of choice is universal (which is good) but not really something people search for, as my scope tends to be rather big. It’s easier to write about weight lifting or running or blogging and get traffic faster. I am trying to solve real problems of real people — which leads me to write about stuff like depression, relationships and pursuing a rewarding career. But I’m still writing my “pillar posts,” the ones that really lay groundwork and explain my world views. I’m hoping that as the traffic grows, I’ll get questions from my readers on their real world problems and see if I (and other readers) can tackle them using the principles I’m articulating.

      Anyway, looking forward to growing our blogs together. Let me know if I can help you in any way.


  4. I agree it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. There’s no doubt that you can be 5 steps ahead in your mind and then get frustrated when you realize the reality is not quite there yet. There’s no doubt that just writing what in your heart and being consistent is the way to go. As I can see with your last couple of awards it will pay off in the end. Either way, I still believe that some time in the near future we will revisit our blogs and witness strong growth (this is my hope at least). Even thought the writing part is my passion, knowing I have a growing audience is what helps fuel that passion. Thanks for your reply and continue to write from the heart. Eric.

    1. Hey Eric,

      Agreed — growth is definitely reassuring. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not advising anybody that they should disregard the growth-oriented mentality and stop analyzing their traffic stats. It’s very important to look at where your traffic is coming from, to analyze what is working and stuff. It’s just that I got obsessed with it and it got in the way of my enjoying the writing — so I am consciously not checking it often. I do plan on checking like once a month. But in the early game, it’s less about analysis and more about turning good content and building relationships, anyway. Whatever you do with your marketing tactic will have small impact, mainly because your reach is not wide yet.

      Anyway, keep in touch — and let’s succeed together.


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