How to Apply Process-Oriented Principles in Real Life (Digest)

Note: This is a digest version of a longer essay on goal-setting, the final installment in a 4-part series.  And here’s the previous installment in this series.

In reality, we can’t live on process-oriented goals alone. We set little and big goals everyday, without even being aware that we do, because we do need to produce results.  Things like money and food on your table are results — you need to produce them.

So, how can we apply the principles of process-oriented goals in the real life? The answer is, whenever you can.  But consider this rule of thumb: the longer it takes to produce the result, the greater the need to apply process-oriented paradigm. The longer the path is, the more important it is for you to make sure the path, in addition to the destination, is right for you.

Also, watch out for these pitfalls of process-oriented goal-setting:

  1. Process-oriented doesn’t mean you don’t have to reach the goals. Don’t set unattainable goals.  It can lower your motivation and ambition.
  2. Process-oriented doesn’t mean you don’t have to produce good results. Consider this truth: process-oriented paradigm serves you, while result-oriented paradigm serves everybody else. To live in harmony with those around you, you need to produce results that serve more than your needs.
  3. Process-oriented isn’t the same thing as wandering aimlessly. Goals are still goals, and effectiveness still matter.

Most of us live completely on the result-oriented terrain, but this paradigm can rob enjoyment and fulfillment out of your life, by focusing on destination and sacrificing the path. By incorporating process-oriented paradigm, you get the best of both worlds: good results and fulfilling process.

Reevaluate your goals, and incorporate process-oriented paradigms wherever you can.  It’ll enhance your life and bring you more satisfaction and joy, starting right now.


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