Blog Carnival: 10 Posts about Realizing Your Potential – October 2008

Welcome to the October 15, 2008 edition of 10 posts about realizing your potential. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Every month, I pick 10 best posts from all the submissions. I do this because I feel that what internet needs right now is an opinion leader, not just an aggregater. Most blog carnivals simply slap together all submissions, leaving readers to sift through the muck looking for the best content. You’ve come to this site to read my personal opinions — so that’s what you’ll get on this carnival.

That said, in this issue I present to you — 6 posts. Maybe because I have become more accustomed to what’s out there in the personal development/self-improvement field, but unfortunately there weren’t many posts that I thought was relevant, well-written and effective to highlight this month. So rather than lowering my standards, I decided simply to present the few that stood out from the pack.

So here are the 6 posts that help us realize our potential:

Wakish presents Secret to your success! Do you have a vision of who you are & who you want to be ? posted at Wakish Wonderz.

I’ve been wanting to touch on the whole identity->value->mission->plan flow and development, but the scope of such a project has me stumbling at start. Then along comes Wakish, with a neat, concise and perfectly illustrated overview of how to define a vision for your life! In his plain and to-the-point writing, ha makes this whole endeavor seem very doable and almost simple. Hats off to you, Wakish!

And here are 5 more expertly written essays:

HighGrace presents How to pick a good counselor when youre not really crazy posted at Face to the Sun.

I am so glad Grace submitted this post, as I thought it was a well-written and accessible overview of how to pick a counselor in a non-crisis situation. Even “normal” people can use help sometimes — and this post will make it seem like a doable, manageable task.

Stuart presents How a Story Reversed the Aging Process posted at Improved Lives.

This is an account of two psychological studies that examine the relation between thoughts and physical body. I’ve been reading a book on this subject called The Intention Experiment
by Lynn McTaggart. It’s truly mind-boggling to learn about how literally our minds can affect the physical reality.

kenny mc bride presents All Is Revealed, The 10 Steps That Will Change Your Life ! posted at Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach.

I’m usually not very fond of lists, but Kenny’s, while addressing a well-discussed topic, still impressed me with its succinct, to-the-point directness. Indeed, it is a good summary of how positive thinking is applied to a real life.

Abigail Carter presents Sprained Ankles and Silver Linings posted at The Alchemy of Loss.

Abigail shares a nice reflection on how her minor accident and witnessing of a grief had lead to what she calls “silver lining.” “The opportunity that grief gives you of seeing what you are really made of, of realizing how precious and short life is, of enjoying what you have.” Having lost my father to ALS myself, this post hit really close to home to me, and made me think of how fortunate I am to be thriving, on my way to self-actualization.

Akemi presents Overcome the Fear to Reinvent Yourself | Yes to Me posted at Yes to Me.

Akemi shares how nothingness and empty time can be a real productive time in personal growth. I can personally relate, as I have changed my life routines a number of times in order to accommodate the new version of me — and times such as vacation are great for initiating that change.

Now, this post below is off-topic for my blog carnival, but I am going to highlight it here as a public service.

Michelle McFarland-McDaniels presents Autism Assistance Resources and Information: Create an Autism Intervention Action Plan posted at Autism Assistance Resources and Information.

The rest of the submissions:

mag presents The power of auto suggestion posted at The, saying, “auto suggestion”

The Growing Artist presents 5 Simple Things You Can Do Every Day To Be the Healthiest Person You Can Be posted at The Growing Artist.

Dianne M. Buxton presents The Transformation of Your Life Into A Dream Vacation – In Vibration posted at manifestingsuccess, saying, “Encouraging article in using the Law of Attraction and sustaining a positive vibration.”

axel presents Psychology And Spirituality posted at axel g.

Roberto L. Montanez presents 3 Tips to decrease Social Anxiety posted at Psychbits, saying, “Psychbits is psychology for the curious mind. The purpose of the blog is to help improve people’s life by seeing it from a different perspective.”

Ruth Mitchell presents Empower Yourself Cast Your Vote November 4, 2008 posted at Buy Outside the Box, saying, “Empower yourself by exercising your right to vote.”

Wally Bock presents 20 Tips for Those Just Starting Out posted at Momentor.

SeanBissell presents Forgotten And “Taboo” Diet Facts posted at Yummy Fitness | Fitness For Fun People.

Marcus Smith presents 3 Common Public Speaking Myths Laid to Rest posted at, saying, “Public speaking myths surround us and leave us fearful of something that we really shouldn’t fear. Watch as I put 3 speaking myths to bed.”

Mac presents Actorlicious: 10 Qualities of Successful People posted at Actorlicious.

The Daily Minder presents What Samurai Philosophy Can Teach You About Modern Life 1 posted at The Daily Mind – Making the Daily Grind Meaningful, saying, “The Samurai have lots to teach us. Are you ready to listen?”

Louise Manning presents What being a mother has taught me posted at The Human Imprint.


Lovelyn presents How I Made My Weaknesses Strengths posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

Damien presents Work Wisdom: Act on Fact not Feeling posted at Postcards from the Funny Farm, saying, “I hope this can fit in! Thanks in advance.”

Nahush Khubalkar presents The Power of Creative Ideas posted at Personal Development Passion, saying, “That article is about how important it is not to let the creative ideas flashing in you mind slip casually and how to “catch” creative ideas for personal growth.”

Toni presents What if we change the perspective on what-ifs? posted at Happy Nest.

Chris presents Return of the Jedi: Five Questions with a Neigong Expert posted at Martial Development, saying, “The esoteric Eastern school known as Mo-Pai has been described as a real-life order of Jedi Knights. Read this exclusive interview with a Mo-Pai disciple.”

Karina presents Finding Time to Make Intentions Reality posted at Daydreams without Color.

Albert Decker presents Resonant Enigma: Drawing For Dollars posted at Resonant Enigma, saying, “From the carnival description, I believe this one fits…”

Tim Tyrell-Smith presents What to do with your old and new ideas? posted at Quixoting™ – A Quest for New Ideas, saying, “This is the introductory post on my blog called Quixoting™ – A Quest for New Ideas. It is about cleaning out your “bottom drawer” and releasing your ideas to the world. It is also about inspiring action on those ideas!”

Shawn Driscoll presents What Should I Do For The Rest Of My Life? posted at Shawn Driscoll.

The Push Up Coach presents 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Push Ups posted at The 1000 Push Ups Club, saying, “Some lessons you learn from doing pushups.”

Dereck presents Love posted at I Will Not Die.

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Reasons to Date a Geek posted at Soul Mating.

Nara presents Why Some People Choose Divorce After Infidelity posted at Surviving Infidelity, saying, “Some reasons people choose to divorce after cheating.”


That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of 10 posts about realizing your potential using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Ari Koinuma, thanks for this lovely carnival and for your kind words. It makes me feel that the effort to write such articles is well worth it and there are sincere people like you to appreciate it and take it to the attention of others. I’m simply have no words to express my appreciation.

    Keep making this carnival unique and wonderful – The way you are doing it!

    – Wakish –

    1. Abby,

      Welcome to OBV, and thanks for your submission! You are a published author, no wonder you write so eloquently.

      Come by here and there, and hang out with us. We have good company here, many people like you. Smart, caring, deeply-feeling and kind. I’d love to get to know you.


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  3. Hey Ari! What a wonderful way to share with other bloggers such wonderful writers. I look forward to following this in the future. I will have some me time tonight to come back over and link to the sites.
    (Hey, the Cricket is out and about…(wink))

    Cricket´s last blog post..Clutter

  4. Hi nice post, i read your blog from time to time but i was wondering something. I also run a blog on a similar topic, but i get 1,000’s of spam comments and emails every day does that happen to you.. Any ideas to stop it? I currently have commenting disabled but i want to turn it back on.. Thanks!

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