This Is the Sound of Your Ripping Yourself into Pieces (Digest)

Note: this is a digest version of a longer essay.  Also, refer to this post for the background information.

We often talk about growth as not easy.  Here, I’d like to share how that’s been true in my journey.

The challenge of growing is that you have to constantly reinvent yourself.  I’m sure you’ve had experience where you look at a piece of clothing you’re wearing and all the sudden you realize it’s not “you” any more.

So you let it go, and get a different one.

I used to love eating chips.  Well, I still do.  But I no longer eat as much as I used to.  The first few bites help, if I’m on Level -1 or below (bored or frustrated) in pulling me up to Level 0 (contentment).  But that’s as far as it goes.  It doesn’t work to push me from Level +1 or above.  In fact, if I go beyond the first few, it drags me back down, as eating too much never feels good.

I need to discover a new activity, a new “lift-me-up,” if I plan to continue my evolution upward.

Video games, TV, movies, magazines, thinking and talking about guitars — these are all activities I have grown out of.  In its place, I discovered books.  Also, some activities remain — talking to friends about life’s big issues and listening to music.

Growing up is about shedding, and then growing new skin.  Like a Lego house, you tear it down first and put a new house together, a better one with only essential pieces.  Do pay attention to pieces that go and stay.  The latter gives you clues about your essence, your core.

Tearing down is uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  But I like the me with less fluff — lean and mean, reduced down to my essence.  I am growing and expanding, too, but thus far it’s been more about shedding what I don’t need, what was holding me back.

What are you throwing out today, to make room for a better you?


  1. Hi Ari – That’s true. We get to points/crossing/forks in our life where we realize we’ve outgrown previous things or activities, and even people. It’s often hard to let go, but in reality we know if we don’t we won’t reach our full potential.

    Looking at old photos is an eye opening experience. We say “remember when”, and realize where we’ve come from. The growth process can be complex, but the journey is priceless.

    Barbara Swafford´s last blog post..It’s All About Me – Part 3

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