Blog Carnival: 10 Posts about Realizing Your Potential – Final Edition

Welcome to the Blog Carnival: 10 Posts about Realizing Your Potential.

Unfortunately, this will be the final edition of this carnival I’m going to put together.

It’s been a good run, but at this point, I decided that it is too time-consuming to do what I set out to do. P

But I didn’t want all the quality submissions to go to waste, so here are the somewhat-edited list of entries, more-or-less sequenced so ones I liked are closer to the top. There are some quality posts in there — I hope you enjoy browsing through them one last time.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has submitted to this blog carnival this year.  Keep on writing about realizing our potential!  We are doing a very important work for the humanity.

Bill Urell presents How Women Become Addicted | Addiction Recovery Basics posted at Addiction Recovery Basics, saying, “Reasons for, and the effects of addiction are distinctly different for women vs. men. Specifics are revealed as this article explores these differences.”

Chris Edgar presents Are You Really “Trapped,” Part Two: Facing The “Fear Of Freedom” posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, “Fully realizing the amount of freedom we have in how we can live our lives can be frightening. When we recognize what a staggering number of choices we have, we’re seized by the fear that we might take the wrong path. In this article, I talk about how strongly this “fear of freedom” influences and limits us in so many areas of our lives, and an exercise we can use to let ourselves fully experience, and thus transcend, that fear.”

Louis Burns presents Presuppose Greatness posted at NLP Marketing Blog.

Melissa presents Your Parents Didn’t Mean to Screw You Up — Melissa Thinks Out Loud posted at Melissa Thinks Out Loud, saying, “Too many people are holding themselves back from realizing their potential because they cannot let go of their childhood. It’s time to let go and understand that your parents didn’t mean to screw you up and you need to take responsibility for your life going forward.”

Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Law of Attraction in Action: “Too Blessed to Be Stressed” posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, “When you regularly focus on appreciating your blessings, use the mantra, “I’m too blessed to be stressed” to attract relaxation during stressful times.”

Erika Collin presents 100+ Resources for Coming Out of the Closet posted at The Love Coach.

Anand presents 3 Easy Ways to Change Your Emotional State Instantly posted at Anand Dhillon . com, saying, “Learn 3 different ways to take yourself from an apathetic emotional state to an empowered in a few moments.”

Vincent presents Lesson On Overcoming Fear posted at Hit Your Goals, saying, “Overcoming your fear to realize your potential.”

Mike King presents Boredom is a Sign of An Unchallenged Mind posted at Learn This.

Richard Johnson presents Dealing with a Negative Body Image posted at Reaching A Better Place, saying, “The mental means to get over a negative body image that actually work and how a person can employ them.”
Daphne presents Making Good Decisions posted at Joyful Days, saying, “Making decisions is one of the few things that we cannot delegate or subcontract to others, however much we’d like to. Our choices make us who we are, and decisions are not necessary evils but opportunities to define ourselves.”

Anmol Mehta presents 10 Keys for Turning Ideas Into Reality posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga, saying, “10 valuable and key tips for helping you to turn your ideas into reality. A great read for anyone interested in achieving their highest potential in life.”

Akemi Gaines presents Spiritual Money Practice To Eliminate Poverty posted at Yes to Me.

Applying the Law of Attraction presents Can the Law of Attraction Bring the Family Closer Together? posted at Applying the Law of Attraction Membership Library, saying, “With the law of attraction, you will come to see that you can do anything. You can focus on the family aspect, you can focus on yourself, you can focus on your career, but you can also work on anything else that you desire to.”

mag presents Developing Charisma and Personal Charm posted at The, saying, “Personal charisma seems to be the one factor that successful individuals have. They seem to have this air of confidence not to be confused with conceit and they just seem to make eyes stare at them and it is not because that they are terribly gorgeous most of the time. They are just ordinary folks like you and I, but they seem to have that X factor. What is it? What is that X factor? Do you want to develop it?”

SpiKe presents Raise Your Consciousness: The Best Habit Building Tip Ever? posted at Organize IT.

Joshua Seth presents Benefits Of Economic Recession posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, “Is there something in the air that’s getting people down lately? My guess is that with all the news about the drop in home prices, stock prices, and consumer confidence a lot of people are starting to feel pretty bad about themselves and their future.”

Erin Pavlina presents How do you recover after an emotional setback? posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, “How do you raise your energy when you’ve been stepped on and emotionally trounced by another person, and your self esteem is so low that you can’t even imagine ever being happy again?”

Ross Gelding presents Are you ready for big changes in your life? posted at Will it change you: portal for personal growth.

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents Finding Your Purpose in Life posted at, saying, “Finding your purpose in life is often one of the most difficult things we desire to do. What job is meant for you? How do you know what you really want to do in life?”

axel presents Suicidal Depression posted at axel g.

Nicholas Powiull presents Why is There Difficulty in Knowing, Feeling & Experiencing Infinite Potential? There is Another Way Through Understanding Filters & Cubed Perspective posted at Conscious Flex, saying, “This will explain in a simple and scientific way, why we do not experience infinite potential even though it is everywhere.”

Ann Covey presents The Champion Mindset posted at Comments on: The Champion Mindset, saying, “originally written for day traders, this is very useful for anyone who wants success”

Carole Gold presents Learning Through The Pain posted at McKay Today, saying, “How to use adversity to experience Compassion and gain Enlightenment.”

Byteful Travel presents Personal Development for Smart People & Travel posted at Byteful Blog, saying, “I discuss how the book “Personal Development for Smart people” encouraged and inspired me. The book is a unified theory of personal growth, and I highly recommend it!”

Vish presents The Illusion of Great Work posted at The Power To Realise God Through Self Enquiry..

John Buehler presents Becoming Successful: Getting Started posted at Rebuilding Eden, saying, “The first in a series that, while leaning toward business growth, focuses as much on personal growth and becoming a better person.”

Nicholas LaPolla presents Stages of Marriage posted at Ignite Her Passion, saying, “A good post on the stages of marriage and the relative levels of happiness for each stage. Knowing what is to come and that hard times are normal will help young couples enjoy the journey and get to the final most rewarding stage of marriage: lasting love.”

Alexander De Foe presents The Formula to Get From 10% to 100% posted at

Roberto L. Montanez presents Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety posted at Psychbits, saying, “Public speaking is one of the most dreaded tasks we all encounter at one point in our life. Regardless if you are in school, college or work, Public Speaking is a task we all have to undergo.”

Chad Levitt presents The Illusion of Fear posted at Success Principles Blog, saying, “This article shows how fear is only a manifestation of the mind that can be overcome when understood.”

Baller King presents Worst Possible Dating Mistake posted at Men’s Advice, saying, “The worst possible dating mistake a guy can make is to act as if he is not good enough for the girl.”

Cory Albertson presents 6 Tips for Reducing Your Debt posted at Debt Relief, saying, “Debt is not a pleasant burden, especially in the midst of a global economic slowdown. Before job security and credit concerns really start to impact your life, follow these six tips for getting debt free.”

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    1. Hi Melinda,

      Actually, no, I didn’t compile this list. All you do is go to, create a carnival, and you receive submissions. And they even create the list for you that you can paste into your blog.

      I used to go through them, read all and pick the 10 best, added my comment on the ones I liked — but it took a lot of time and I just felt that it really wasn’t solving anybody’s problems or serving anybody’s needs.

      But do look through them. I’m sure you’ll discover some quality new blogs.


    1. Hi Ross,

      See my comment to Melinda above — just compiling the list isn’t a lot of work at all. I did use to do more work with the submissions, but I just came to a point where I felt like it was time spent on something that really wasn’t serving anybody’s needs very well.

      Blog Carnival apparently was a more effective promotional tool a few years ago (at least Pavlina makes it sounds like it) but I don’t think it is any longer.

      But do look through them, I’m sure you’ll find quality posts.


  1. You just answered your own question. It serves someone’s needs who enjoys discovering new content creators, because that’s what blogs are. So yes, blog carnivals serve a Great Purpose! – exposing people to new authors!

    I look at blog carnivals as a trickle down method. It won’t get you huge traffic overnight, but like commenting or participating forums, it gives people more opportunities to find your content.

    byteful traveller´s last blog post..7 Things to Know Before You Visit Sears Tower

    1. Hello,

      Sorry about the delay of this reply.

      Yes, I suppose you’re right that blog carnivals meet that need. I’m glad I did run it for a while, though at this point, I’m excited to stop doing it. There are other ways to expose my readers to other bloggers who I think are great.

      Best of luck to you!


  2. Hi Ari,

    Sorry for the late response, and to hear that you are not continuing with your blog carnivals. I’m hosting a carnival of personal development at the moment, to be published on 5 Jan. I’ve received almost 100 submissions already, and can understand that it’s a lot of work to go through all of them! I did pick out a few good ones as editor’s picks, but agree with you that it takes time.

    If you’d like to have access to the long list of posts, do visit my blog on 5 Jan, or subscribe now because it’s only a post or two away!

    Thanks for featuring my post on this last carnival.

    Daphne´s last blog post..A Season To Celebrate

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