60-Day Challenge Wk 4: Shedding More Than What I Imagined

60 Day Challenge: Intuitive Entrepreneur

Goal: To create and execute a new business vision by following my intuition in 60 days.  And do so without neglecting my family’s needs.

The week 4 of this challenge was even more cathartic than the previous weeks.

It’s because I realized that if I were to do this right, then I had to let go a lot more than I originally anticipated.

You see, my main thing in life, my number 1 desire, passion, and purpose of living, is to make music.  Not teach music, not write about music, not make money with music.  It’s to make music.

I spent 4 weeks on my new business, and I did everything except making music.

Sure, I had a legitimate excuse — I was setting up my office/studio.  But the process took longer than I expected, plus I was leaning more and more toward short-term, make-money-soon initiatives and my music making was getting lost in the mix.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I could justify fitting that in, because the conventional wisdom says that you can’t just sit and make music you want and expect to make a living.

But you know what?  Everything I’ve done so far — all the business planning, blogging, strategizing — I was doing them all to justify making music.  I was trying to build a buisness to house my music, so I could point to it and say “see, it’s OK for me to make music.  It’s legitimate.”

And I got so busy justifying that I never got around to actually making music.

I realized that this pattern had to stop.  If I were to have a shot at making my life right, I need to put in the biggest rock into my cup first — the music making — and then from there, see what other pieces fit in to complete the picture.  Instead, I was putting in all the smaller rocks first, and the big rock that is just couldn’t fit in.

No more.

I’m going to try a different way.  I’ve decided that I’m going to put everything on hold for the month of March and do nothing but music making.  I’m not going to worry about building a business, I’m not going to think about making money.  I’m just going to make music.

This has some tough implications.  I had just quit a group mentoring program I’ve been in since September, and there were other collaborators I’ve been working with, who have done some work for me — I had to tell them to stop what they’re doing for the moment.

And here’s the biggie: I’m not going to blog.  Specifically, I’m going to take a hiatus from OBV in March.  I’ll allow myself to check into my music or personal blogs after 2 weeks, but NO regular posting.

This seems so illogical in many ways — this site’s got momentum, I had more visits in February than ever before.

Yet, if I’m doing OBV, I’m letting myself get distracted from the ONE thing I must do in life.

So there will be no new post in March, except at the end I will return and see how the 60-day challenge ended up.

I wish you all a happy March!  Hopefully that means spring to most of you in the northern hemisphere.

Me in my now-operational studio
Me in my now-operational studio


  1. Good for you, Ari. I’m glad you’re taking the time to do what you love. It’s so easy for blogging and all this internet business to take up so much time that you don’t have time for those things. I write fiction, but for a while there I was so busy with my blogs that I didn’t write any fiction at all. I’ve recently fit creative writing back into my daily schedule and it’s really made a difference in my life.

    I hope you have a very musical March.

    Lovelyn´s last blog post..A Letter to Yourself

  2. Hi Ari – It sounds like you’re making a good choice. And what you say is so true, often the planning, the marketing and everything else can get in the way of the actual doing. I know I’ve been guilty of spending far too much time blogging, instead of actual finishing creating the products I want to sell.

    Starting a small business is tough because there’s so many balls you’ve got to juggle at once. I think you’re making the right decision in taking some time out from blogging. Good luck. I’m excited about seeing your new venture finally get off the ground.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..Dear Blogger – Are You Trying To Sell To The Faithless?

    1. Hi Cath,

      Wow, thanks for stopping by — I had assumed that you must be too busy to read other people’s blogs by now.

      Well, my plan has changed so much at this point that it hardly resembles the original. I’m throwing stuff out left and right. Hopefully only the essentials remain.


  3. Hi Ari – Sorry it’s been a while since I dropped in. I was ill the first two months of the year, so I didn’t blog much, or read other people’s blogs. But you are still in my reader.

    Changing your plan is far better than holding onto one that isn’t working for you.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..How To Be Lucky

    1. Hi Maya,

      Well, it turns out I’m becoming more of a freelancer/self-employed person than an entrepreneur, at least for now. This last couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing on getting out and meeting people. I’m starting to figure out what the needs and current trends are in the industry I want to be in.

      Instead of going in with a fully formed plan/intention on what I’m going to provide, I’m letting things develop organically, being aware of what I have to offer and what the needs may be. I can’t say I have arrived somewhere yet, but I do feel like my explorations are taking me somewhere.


    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thanks. I hope all is well with you and your family. My family’s been very, very supportive of what I’m doing — and they remain unstressed, even when the finances are very uncertain. So I’m grateful.


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