Alice in Chains “A Looking in View” from Black Gives Way to Blue

When my daughter was about 5 years old, one of the things she’d try at a park was monkey bars.

She’d ask me to come over and stand close or hold her as she hangs on to the first bar and tries to reach out for the next.

But at the time, although her arms were definitely long enough to reach the next bar, she was afraid.  Very afraid, of falling.  So she was not able to really extend her arms, to reach out and grab the next bar.

She’d hang and timidly try to stretch her arms, only to ask me to catch her before she falls.

It’s easy to see what’s going on from the sidelines.

But when you’re in the midst, feeling the fear swell up and take hold of you, it’s very hard.

Hard to realize that it’s the fear that’s creating the obstacle, not the other way around.

A looking in view, too long on the outside
Desperate plans make sense in a low life

Hiding in a darkness under
Boiling to the surface something
Crawling on your skin, discomfort
Makes you break and run, stumble, fall

It’s why you never tell me whatever’s on your mind