King’s X “If” from Ogre Tones

This song fills me with longing and hope.  A life time is one we spend on pursuing our desires.  We desire things we do not have.

But more worthy the pursuit, the higher we have to scale.  After falling down so many times, it’s easy to wonder if you’re ever going to make it.

It’s one thing, insistence
It’s one thing, the distance
I’ll take it in prospect
I’ll take it any way I can

If I could move to the middle
If I could go outside
If I could give in a little
And make it work this time

It’s been my experience that the harder you hit it, the harder you get bounced back.  You don’t break through just by increasing your force.  We hit walls, perhaps because we’re meant to get broken — as in, broken-in.  Perhaps to grow means to gain flexibility.  Perhaps to mature means embracing uncertainty.  Perhaps to realize our dreams, we have to learn to let them go.

Maybe that’s what it takes to make something happen tomorrow — that something that we’ve been chasing, but haven’t happened yet.

Future doesn’t have to be the same as the past.

Now, that’s a comforting thought.  Isn’t it?