Renee Stahl “You Didn’t Know” from Hopeful, Romantic

This is a song I turn to when I feel bad about myself.  If you look at the lyrics at face value, it may come across as cliché-ridden, cheesy song, but what really gets to me is the music and how Renee sings it.  There’s no melodrama, there’s no false sincerity — calm and measured, laid-back but direct.  Like a mother reassuring a young child.

This is the only album of Renee’s that I own, but it has a very unique sound to it, though nothing really jumps out as odd and unusual.  I’d call it “folk-tronic” because it has lots of gentle acoustic guitars, but with electronic beats and synth treatments in the background.  And all fairly mellow and laid-back.  I’ve owned this album for over a year now, and I just don’t get tired of it.

Whoever told you that you were not good enough
Need to know why it’s just a lie
However long ago somebody told you so
When you decide it’s just a lie

You didn’t know that you were nothing
You didn’t know, so you give up

What if I told you that you were loved
What if you knew that you were loved

It appears that after a long period of inactivity, Renee is back in action.  Catch the latest on her web site.