Alice in Chains “Grind” from Alice in Chains

Sometimes you have to break things in order to rebuild.

It’s no fun and it’s not easy, but sometimes at the very bottom, after you feel like you have nothing left to lose, you make a discovery, a break-through that changes everything.

In the darkest hole
You’ll be well advised
Not to plan my funeral before the body dies

Come the morning light
it’s a see-through show
What you may have heard and what you think you know

Let the sun never blind your eyes
Let me sleep so my teeth won’t grind
Hear a sound from a voice inside

You may feel shame, remorse, regrets for all things you lost, you screwed up.  Your mind may fill up with voices mocking, laughing at your demise.

This is a song for such occasions, times when you feel like you really can’t fall any further.

When you discover that you had some strength, a power that you didn’t know you had.