Aries9 “Shark” from Darkness Reveals the Beauty of Truth

I wish it were not so,

I wish if it were much simpler.

I wish if it was black and white,

I wish if you could just tell me it’s all right.

But one thing I learned so far in life, is that

If I want to move on, then I need to face the truth.

But making friends with the the truth,

With all its uncertainties and shades of gray,

Is a hard, hard business.

Hey, let’s go down to hell
When the north wind rings the bell
Bring your sister’s shell
Out here it’s so hard to sell

Kill her secrets, one by one
Sacrifice to the sun

Hey, this will surely be fun
We’ll never tell the nun

Maybe, baby, Mayday

Parasites, with many arms and many legs
Eat the lights, improve the rotten eggs
Screw my head on, ignore the turn on, bite a bullion, Satan be gone

Hey, join me in the dark
We’ll look for the truth, the shark

Maybe, baby, Mayday

So some days I feel like running away, and face the other way.

But I know that sooner or later it’ll catch up to me.

So I figure, at least I’d feel a little prouder,

if it was me that caught up, not It.