In Flames “Crawl Through Knives” from Come Clarity

When I go swim, I’ve been dividing my laps into 4 sets.

And the hardest part is usually the end of the 1st set and the 2nd set.

It starts out strong, right?  And then it gets hard, after the muscles start realizing that it’s actually hard work to keep up the initial pace.  Until my body really settle down into this level of exertion — that’s the hardest part.

Depending on how hard I’m pushing myself, all kinds of emotions pass through me during that tough period.  When it’s bad, I look down to the deepest part of the pool and imagine myself drowning.  About how painful and fearful it must be, to be stuck there, knowing your next breath isn’t anywhere near.

Nailed to the floor
Emotions drifting
Touching the new

If you could be
The things I need
(I’ll crawl through knives
An inch per tear)
These knees, they bleed for you
(Let the colour persuade the hate
That you fear)

It’s in my hands
The sky, so bright
It’s burning
It’s for me to decide
If flames will reach heaven tonight
It’s in my hands

Of course, every time I come through that hard period, and the 3rd and 4th sets are filled with a sense of joy and triumph.  You wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishments, if it wasn’t hard.

You either feel good right now, or feel good for a long time afterward.

That’s the choice we make, every moment.