In Flames “Reroute to Remain” from Reroute to Remain

The process of sculpting my Self that I like better has been a series of shedding, then hardening.  It’s like a combination of wood sculpting and blacksmithing.  Shave off a chunk, then shape and harden the remains.

So my evolution feels very much like reduction, in a way.  I become smaller and smaller — and what’s left is nothing but essence.

This song is like a battle cry to myself to soldier on in this process of self sculpting.  I’m not really changing my core, I’m just cutting off the excess and non-essential to uncover what I really am underneath.

It started as a whisper
Now try to dodge this roar
Unified, the most forceful way to go
Waste this one? It’s up to you
We need this revolution
Destroy the pattern, anything that separates
Across the times, who dares to follow?

For years we wandered these circles
Hold on to whatever lie gets us through

Design new latitudes
Find ways to channel bliss
Us defined is too fragile to neglect
Reroute to remain
Reroute to remain

It’s not an easy process, it’s designed that way.  But just like resistance training — you challenge your muscles and make it break a bit.

What emerges is the original Self — the person you were meant to be.

In one whole, cohesive piece, no less.