In Flames “Touch of Red” from Soundtrack to Your Escape

We all have our comfort zones.

But the odd thing about comfort zones is that it creates this equation in your head: “familiar = good.”

So even if we’re stuck in a place where we’re unhappy, a place where we yearn to leave, when we find a way out, we hesitate.  Sometimes, we fear so much, that we don’t take the path.

Ultimately, we become afraid of hope.  We’re afraid hoping and being let down.

So we stop.

Reaching depths of clarity
I’m not supposed to be like this
I should be on top of the world
Is anybody out there like me?

I followed, something’s missing
Self control forcing me down
Whispers consume the air
Above her I’m endless

When the rain comes falling down
I’ll freeze, I’m so afraid
When things start to drown me
I’ll drown in seconds

Fear there’s a way out
Touch of red, break away
Nothing has it all
Bury the place I’ve been
I fear there’s a way out

This song is a violent protest inside, the sound of turmoil between fear and hope.  Yes, we fear the way out — because if there wasn’t we have a nice excuse for being stuck where we are.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we’re meant to be.  The place where we need to learn, to get out.

And to hope again.