King’s X “Dogman” from Dogman

Growing up a sensitive person in this increasing sensory-overload world can be a violent experience.  Everybody else is perfectly content with their really sweet sodas and really scary movies and really violent news stories, while you feel like a leaf floating in a stormy sea, tossed wildly and thrown around at the every whim of the world around you.

Yet, we all have to fit in, we all have to find a place to belong — so you open your door and allow these intrusions to come in.  All the while wondering, what’s wrong with me?  Why do I always feel so unsettled and overwhelmed?

Give me some attention, lend me your ear
Give me what to do and get me out of here
Give me a book, give me something to read
Give me a horse race and give me who’s in lead

Let me take my thoughts away
To think about another day
Remembering the times I pray
To help me deal with me

You know, it’s OK to dig deep inside.  It’s OK to really learn what you’re like.

And it’s really, really OK to be just what you are.  You don’t have to change anything.

Growing up is about learning how to change everything else — so you don’t have to change.