Midnight Oil “Bring on the Change” from Breathe

I really believe in personal changes.

Really, that’s where we have true influence, where we can really assert our intentions.

If you want peace, live a peaceful life.

If you want to end poverty, live a rich life.

If you want to eradicate violence, then eradicate it from your life.

I’ve been constantly changing, but recently I’m really growing, really learning how to apply intentional changes to myself.

And the sense of power I get from these changes is just amazing.

Sunscreen all over your face
Chatswood wasn’t built in a day
Mysteries are in this game
Shine on, take me away

Head’s in the bank
Heart’s in the closet
Soul’s out to lunch, will soon be upon us
We believe everything that we see
Let’s be honest

And bring on the change

At the end of this rousing garage rock song, Peter Garrett goes into this high-pitched, forceful wailing, chanting, come on, come on, come on, CHANGE!

And I get this picture in my head, of him just grabbing someone — maybe me — and shaking wildly, and just yelling in my face.


Because sometimes, what it take is a kick.

Where a gentle nudge wouldn’t do.