Ozzy Osbourne “I Just Want You” from Ozzmosis

There are so, so many things to prove in life, to show to the world that you’re dong well.

From losing weight to making friends to getting a date to earning money — there’s just no end to the list of Things We Must Do Well.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets tired.

This song has what I call Series Lyrics.  It just lists these huge statements — some true, others not.  But they’re all such huge claims that I feel the weight of making such proclamations, because I can’t prove or even stand behind so many of them.

It’s as if this character is on a quixotic quest to prove something big.  So he goes and throws these lines haphazardly to the wall, trying to see if any of them stick.

Only to come home broken, sobbing, realizing that they were all untrue — except one.

There are no unlockable doors
There are no unwinnable wars
There are no unrightable wrongs
Or unsingable songs

There are no unbeatable odds
There are no believable gods
There are no unnameable names
Shall I say it agin?

There are no impossible dreams
There are no invisible seams
Each night when the day is through
I don’t ask much
I just want you

I just want you

This song helps me think about cutting through all that muck, all the impossiblity of doing everything well.

And think  about what really matters.

Which, as he says, isn’t much.