Dream Theater “As I Am” from Train of Thought

Dream Theater: Train of Thought

I know they mean well.

The world is full of advices.  There’s no end to becoming better.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for progress, growth, being a better person.  It’s thrilling.

But sometimes, I think that an unsolicited advice is worse than ones not given.

The most impactful of lessons are ones that are drawn from life experience.  Some are (quite) painful, yes — but you can extract a pearl from most cracked shells, if you look hard.

To rob that opportunity by preemptive advices, can seem so intrusive.

It’s just that, it’s so easy to feel insecure, it’s so hard to look away from the places where we fall short.  Too fat, too slow, too dumb, too spendy.  They have the solution, and it’s cheap, fast and easy….

Tell me what’s in
Tell me how to write
Don’t tell me how to win
This fight
Isn’t your life
It isn’t your right
To take the only thing that’s
Proven over time
It’s over your head
Don’t try to read between the
Are clearly defined
Never lose sight of
Something you believe in

Takin’ in the view from
The outside
Feeling like the underdog
Watching through the
Window I’m on the outside
Living like the underdog

I’ve been trying
To justify you
In the end
I will just defy you

To those who understand
I extend my hand
To the doubtful I demand
Take me as I am

Yes, I will keep growing, I will keep improving.  I will seek wisdom and advices from outside.

But I will only do it, when I am the one who really want to.

Otherwise, I’m gonna keep my windows and doors closed.

Because I am too busy listening in.

Being the way I’m made.