In Flames “Disconnected” from A Sense of Purpose

In Flames: A Sense of Purpose

I don’t know about you, but living comes with tremendous responsibility to me.

It’s not like I’m some kind of super-human — I’m not somehow nobler or more righteous or anything.  Far from it.

It’s just that, if I don’t do things in certain ways, I don’t feel good.

Perhaps you can blame it on a hyper-active sense of guilt, but I am starting to discover a place, a spot where I can hit, and know that peace and fulfillment exists.  I can live with my head held high.

So you see, I’m rather selfish.  I think we all are.  Ultimately, we’re in it for ourselves — we just want to feel good.

I live in a very fortunate situation.  I have a shot at using my God-given potential to do something.  It’s a privilege, but it’s a chain, too.

If I don’t heed the call, then the consequence is that I don’t feel good about how I live.

Look at the dead outside my window
Wonder what’s on their mind?
Why do they run?
They all seem to have a mission
But then they cry themselves to sleep

You’ll receive what you give
And this is like nothing
I feel like shit
But at least I feel something

Is this all you meant to be?

I don’t know what I’m giving, I have no idea if it amounts to anything.

But I do feel like I give it all I got.

I sure hope that that means something.