King’s X “Shoes” from Dogman

King's X: Dogman

Some days are better than others.

I get up in the morning, full of hope and desire to make the most of my day.

Other days, it’s a little harder.  Even before raising my body, I hear this voice in my head, wondering “what’s the use?  It’s futile.  It’s not going to make any difference.”

I’d like to think that I’m getting better.  I’m older, wiser, more at peace with the world.

But then, some things I’d like to change, haven’t changed, either.  Unrealized dreams remain unrealized, things I want to remove remain stuck to me.  They haven’t changed so far.  Why should today be any different?

There can be but better ways from yesterdays to me
Somewhere there are better days for better ways to be
Sunny days have funny ways of quieting the roar
Is it still a blessed thing to live and live some more

And I’m left with the truth and I’m right in my mind
Given some of the time maybe never
So I walk in these shoes
When I feel it’s the blues
If it ain’t it will do

Well, friends, I don’t have any answers, but there are some things I’ve figured out.

To grow means to discover more of who you are and then change the way you apply yourself to this life.

And that changes are often only visible from a bigger, higher point of view.

And that there is no law that says today has to go like yesterday.

And that I have the power to decide how today goes.

What I feel is one thing.  But what I do doesn’t have to follow what I feel.

So I claim that power to make today the way I want it, and give it everything I got.

That’s how I go on.