King’s X “Vegetable” from Manic Moonlight

Well, you try, you try, you try, and you try, and some days, you just feel like giving it up.  Giving it all up.

That’s how it is with music to me, and it happens quite often.

I’m giving it everything I got, and I still wonder, at the end of the day, if it’s any good at all.

And sometimes I do take a break.  I also know that my mood affects how I see things — be in a bad mood, things look/sound/feel bad.

And sometimes, I just put on this song.

If I didn’t have a brain
Then I couldn’t feel no pain
And the longing to be happy
If I didn’t have a name
And everybody looked the same
Maybe I could see the difference

If I didn’t have to change
Everything that I became
Maybe I could find some loving
If I didn’t have a dream
Or the rest of everything
Well I’d still be missing something

I would give it all away
I would give it all away

Go ahead and scream out loud, life is not always easy and there’s no use in pretending.

You just scream and shout — until you’re tired and can’t any more.

Then you go away for a bit.

And pick up the pieces, and start all over again.