Laura Gibson: “Funeral Song” from Beasts of Seasons

Laura Gibson: Beasts of Seasons

Some days, I am just sad.

Being a sponge, I soak up every feeling I’m exposed to.

I try to surround myself with joyful, peaceful feelings. But there is much, much sadness.  I just can’t escape it.

Laura Gibson recorded this song for sad bastards like us.  So that we can take a moment to be excused, go curl up in the corner, and cry.

If these bare walls could sing
They would sing a funeral song
They’d push their wooden words in your mouth

But they would not wish to be
A burden to your tongue
They would not wish to carry on too long

With no sorrow
Ask no greater pardon
Than the pattern time is carving in your skin

I hope, I hope, that there is a reason for all this sadness.

Or otherwise, I just don’t know why we feel the way we do.