King’s X “Cigarettes” from Dogman

King's X: Dogman

Once, I was on an online forum and read one ex-emergency room doctor bestow this piece of wisdom:

Don’t just do something.  Just stand there.

I thought it was profound, because in an intense, high-pressure environment like ER, I think the temptation is great to just do something, anything that has a chance to make an impact, to improve the situation.

But, no.  Don’t just do something.  Stand there.  Wait for clarity.  Wait until you know which choice you can believe in.

I’ve never been a person who can win arguments.  In the heat of the moment, I can’t stay coherent or focused — not very persuasive.

Recently I figured out why that is.  An emotional discussion overwhelms me.  Especially when there’s anger involved.  My mind goes blank, I can’t hear or understand what the other person saying — so out of desperation I say something, anything that sounds right.

When you’re desperate, you think any action is better than inaction.  Desperation moves you.  But does it really lead somewhere higher?

Have you gotten any cigarettes
Have you got anything for me
I no longer know just what I’m saying
Is this how it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes I think the pain blows my mind
Pain blows my mind.

Is it june or late september
Is it 1993
Could you help me to remember
Is this how I’m supposed to be

Sometimes I think the pain blows my mind
Pain blows my mind.

Friends, I don’t really have an answer.  When I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed.  I can’t think straight, with so much emotion flooding and overtaking me.

But at least, I’ve learned to stand still.

If the pain blows your mind, the best thing to do may just be to stand still.