Toad the Wet Sprocket “Stories I Tell” from Fear

Toad the Wet Sprocket: Fear

Listeners wanted.

I know you are vastly undervalued.  People don’t realize how helpful you are.

But we need you.  We need more listening to take place in the world.

Listening without judging. Listening without thinking about how to respond.  Listening that accepts and validates all that’s being told.

Because we have so much, so, so much that we’re holding inside.  Rotting tumors and unhealed wounds that go way back.   And what they need is not syrupy-sweet comforting words, not some easy explanations of how and why.

They just need to be accepted, just need to be received.  Unconditionally.

Don’t give me answers for I would refuse
“Yes” is a word for which I have no use
And I wasn’t looking for heaven or hell
Just someone to listen to stories I tell

Now what is a blessing and what is a dream
Caught between portraits and none’s what it seems
And why is it people expect there’s a change
When I feel I’m a part of something I can’t see

I feel the same

Now don’t ask me questions or I would retreat
Fame is a cancer and ego its seed
Now I wasn’t looking for heaven of hell
Just someone to listen to stories I tell

So friends, if you can listen at all, listen.  Open your ears to the voices around you — but not necessarily to the loud and obnoxious ones that are trying to bang down some walls.

Seek out the ones that are cowering in the corner, whispering to themselves.  You don’t need to pry them open, just wait at a comfortable distance with expectant openness.  Sit and wait for them to come out on their own.

If they ever do, they’ll thank you.