Oceansize: Everyone into Position

Oceansize: Everyone into Position

This album was a pleasant surprise to me, in that I found it on some bargain bin at some electronic music site that I temporarily joined to check out, and downloaded the album after a few listens, never having heard about the band.  And after that, I listened to it sporadically.

And I kept listening, and listening, and listening….

And the surprise to me is, how, after a year or two, I’m still listening to it.  At first I thought its lack of memorable hooks and riffs made it unimpressive.  With the exception of “Heave Alive,” which has an oddly soaring chorus with some trite-sounding lyrics that don’t seem to fit the album, the whole album just floats from one track to another, very, very diverse yet somehow melding into each other.

But after a while, I noticed how these guys are king of textures.  The production is dense and varied, not many moments of the whole band pounding out a single groove.  Often the vocal, 3 guitar parts, and bass are all doing something different.  What doesn’t strike you on the first few listens, though, seem to seep up to the surface after repeated listens.

I just don’t seem to get tired of the record.

And that’s the kind of record that works for me.  A collection that forms a cohesive whole, one where I can get immersed in for its whole length, to emerge afterward wholly engaged and satisfied, without being overwhelmed and jittered.  And that’s quite a feat, considering, again, how diverse this record is.  From the quiet contemplation of “Music for a Nurse” to the pounding metal of “A Homage to Shame” this album takes you on a journey, with plenty of ups and downs that make up a rewarding story-like experience.

I highly recommend it.