What Takes Time Doesn’t Mean It’s Difficult

Here’s a little lesson I learned that’s helped me approach things with more hope and brighter outlook.

What takes time doesn’t mean it’s difficult.

I used to think that getting better on my guitar is difficult.  Playing the guitar is still one of the most challenging, invigorating things I do, but at the very heart of it, it’s just a matter of time.  If I spend more time playing, I get better.  There are ways to make my progress more efficient, but there’s really no shortcut.  Time = progress.

Similarly, let’s say I want to train my body so I develop a six-pack instead of flabby tummy.  To make that happen, I put my time in at gym.  It takes time, and there ways to make the progress more efficient, but there’s no shortcut.  Time = progress.

So, if it requires time and diligence, does it mean it’s difficult?

Not really!  It’s really not a rocket science.  You put your time and effort in, you get results.  It’s very reliable.  You can count on it.

What makes it harder, though, is if you somehow start resenting the time and effort it takes, like I used to.  I used to want to see results faster, immediately.  Or I get bored with what I’m doing, because I was going about it solely focused on the end result, not on the process.  In the long run, it’s more effective if you develop a process that’s fun and rewarding on its own, even if less efficient.

Look around you, and see if you can identify other tasks and goals you label as “difficult.”   Is it, really, or does it just take time?

If it’s the latter, then all you need to do to make it easier is to accept that it takes time and efforts.   Or turn your view around — if you put in time and effort, then the result is guaranteed.  If you look at it that way, you start to realize that in fact these are the easiest and simplest things to pursue.  There are other areas of life where the equation isn’t that clear or simple.  But then, there are some where it is that simple.

What takes time doesn’t mean it’s difficult.  If you know that time and effort will for sure yield results — actually, that’s easy.

So go do it.