Brynn Andre’s Pink Dress EP

Brynn Andre

I just learned about Brynn Andre from the fellow Twin Cities drummer/blogger Steve Goold — it’s a free 2-song release: “Pink Dress” and “Let Me In.”

I quite like her, though it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what makes her stand out from countless other White Female Artist Singing with Her Piano.  I think it’s the vulnerability I hear in her singing, which is one of the key feelings I tend to connect.  It just cuts through, there’s a naked intimacy to it.  Honest and authentic.  Understated but not holding back, laying it all out without forcing anything —  all right, I know I’m being kinda abstract here.

Local producer Matt Patrick’s done a very solid job, and the production hits really the right balance of being crisp and clear while remaining warm and intimate.

It just really heartens me that these people are all local in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I just gotta get out more and go meet these good people.

It’s free, go download.

PS Brynn, I sure wish if you’d put that picture your beautiful face somewhere prominent on your web site.  I had to do Google Image Search on you to find a decent mugshot of you.


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