Catches of the Week: Nels Cline, Cloud Cult, Steve Reich, Apocalyptica

I had some really good finds at our library this week.  Here are the new discoveries:

The Nels Cline Singers: Initiate

This is my first exposure to Mr. Cline’s work.  Wow!  I really get into tracks that either move or build (or both) — his jazz leanings don’t speak to me much, but this disc is filled with stuff that’s much more out there.

Cloud Cult: Light Chasers

Another wow!  Craig Minowa’s magnum opus here.  I’ve listened to another album of theirs before and I didn’t get it — but this time I do.

Steve Reich: Double Sextet and 2×5

Steve Reich is a rock star of contemporary composers, and both of these suites rock seriously.  I’m very turned on by percussion, and Reich makes everything sound percussive.  2×5 is a composition for two electric guitars, piano, bass and drums.

Apocalyptica: Worlds Collide

Cellos rock, and these guys continue to mature.  The question is, why aren’t there more cellos rocking?


Wow, that’s quite a list of adventurous music, and they all came from our library.  Libraries rock.  Seriously.