Your Posture Is a Reflection of Your Success

Posture is a reflection of your level of success, or at least your energy level.  Bad posture is a symptom, a result that comes up to the surface, of a deeper issue.  Let me share how I am discovering this.

I’ve always had a bad posture.  My mother noticed it, and tried to correct it a number of times.  She got me braces, took me to a chiropractor, made me exercise.  But I wasn’t aware of the problem myself — about how insecure I appeared to others — so I resented and rebuffed her efforts.

As a grown-up, I was more aware of the issue, though still I wasn’t really aware of how that affected my appearance.  Sometimes I’d see myself in pictures and videos and I was unpleasantly surprised, but never took up any efforts to correct it.  I began to notice other people’s postures, too, though.  And let’s just say — it’s not often that I notice really good postures.

In the last couple of years I finally made exercising a regular part of my life.  (Swimming classes really paid off — thanks Mom!)  I expected it to boost my energy level immediately, because up till then I never routinely moved my body.  That didn’t happen right away, though I began to notice moments where I could hold my body upright without too much efforts.  Recently I’ve been working on my nutrition — turns out, I wasn’t really absorbing nutrients very well, even though I’ve always been a pretty good eater — and those moments are becoming more frequent.

When I stand tall, the impact is literally staggering.  Wow, I never realized I was so tall — and big!  It almost feels vulnerable, as the area around my stomach feels more open, exposed.  I am more used to slouching a little so that area feels protected.  It takes more energy to hold myself up this way.  But when I’m feeling energetic, my postures improves without my consciously trying.

This led me to another implication.  What I do during the day matters, even beyond exercising and eating well.  I’ve been working on cutting down dilly-dallying during transitions, when I’m switching from one task to another, as the cumulative effect of wasted time adds up to a sense of lethargy and feeling drained as they day wears on.  It’s still a work in-progress, but when I successfully go about my day without getting hang up in-between phases, I am able to maintain my energy level higher and longer.  When I come home from a long day of working, I still have good posture.

Posture is a reflection of your energy level. If you don’t have the energy in your body to support a good posture, then trying to correct posture really doesn’t fix the problem. It’s a symptom, a result of a deeper issue — fixing it and not addressing the root cause really doesn’t work.

Or the flip side is this.  Raise your energy level through exercising, eating, and above all, by going about your day in a focused, disciplined manner, and your posture will improve by itself.  Perhaps not always — you may really have structural issues — but that is what’s true for me.   And having a good posture adds to the positive cycle, as standing tall makes you feel big (literally!), tall and above all, confident.  Confidence has the power to uplift all areas of your life.

I am on my way.  A good posture is still not the default mode for me, but it soon will be at the current rate.  I’ll make my mother proud.