Two Brief Thoughts on Doing vs. Not Doing

This, I learned from someone who used to work as an ER doctor.

Don’t just do something.  Just stand there, until you know what to do.

I think the lesson there is not to do anything for the sake of doing something.  Many of us feel that inaction = unproductive = sin.  But if you don’t know what to do, it’s best to just wait until you have an idea.

But once you do have something to do, then this bit seems to be the best practice: doing something poorly is better than doing nothing.

It seems that we always go the opposite way.  When we shouldn’t be doing anything, we do, and when we have something to do, we don’t — for fear of doing it wrong or poorly.

This is when you have to gather your courage and just do it. Particularly when you fear doing it poorly.  Because that fear is an indicator that you care about what you’re doing, and doing it well.  If you are afraid of doing something, it’s likely that it’s something you should do.

Give yourself permission to do poorly.  The best way to learn is always through doing.  Doing poorly is better than doing nothing.