William Belote: “E=mc2” from Portraits of Albert E.

William Belote: Portraits of Albert E.

I’m really not a science buff, so while I thought it novel of William Belote to write a whole album around the life of Albert Einstein, I never thought that I’d like it.

Boy, am I glad to be wrong.

This sublime tune is not really about his famous equation.  It’s about the exhilaration of finding and pursuing your calling.   And that’s a subject I can very much relate.

And relate, I do, to the understated joy contained in this song.

E=mc2, all in all is one
I don’t know if anyone will care
But I’m having fun
Peering deeply into nature
She is sublime
So I’ll get my theory down on paper
I’ve got shivers up my spine

E=mc2, all in all is one
This is like the best of prayers
A voice within the sun
Listening to the song of nature
She sounds divine
I can’t think of any greater
Mountain here to climb

Take mass and light energy
A dance so complementary
A pattern elementary
To everything there is
Absolutely everything there is

That bit about mountain to climb is astute.  I always believed that what we find worthwhile is a challenge, not something that comes too easily.   From running a triathlon to putting together an indie movie, people find monumental mountains to scale — and they are fulfilled by climbing.

What is your mountain to climb?