Problems Are Opportunities. Mistakes Are Lessons.

I’d like to banish those words from my dictionary.  Problems are opportunities.  Mistakes are lessons.

Problems arise because something needs to be solved.  That solution has the potential to benefit you and everyone around you from that point on.  I’m trying to figure out how to make it as a rock musician while providing a stable life for my family, after wife and kids came along.  It’s a challenge, but the solution, if I come up with one, will be useful to everyone else in my shoes.

Mistakes are lessons.  They occur because there’s something you haven’t learned.  Learn it, and you won’t make the same mistakes.  But don’t worry if you fail to.  You will have the same lessons until you learn them.  Life is very persistent.

Do you see themes and currents in your life, areas in which you keep having problems and mistakes?  I do.  Forgetfulness is one of them, so is my absent-mindedness.  I need to learn something there, that I’m not learning yet.

We tend to decry a life filled with problems and failures.  But replace those two words with the ones above.  Is it really a bad life?

No, it doesn’t have to be.